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DDS Environmental is one of the leading environmental testing companies in the nation.  We have multiple offices throughout the United States and we can handle all of your UST Compliance and Testing needs.


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Douglas LaCount, the President and CEO has worked in the industry for 30 years.  He worked as Vice President for some of the largest companies in the industry before branching out and starting DDS Environmental, Inc.

Our technicians are certified in all testing equipment and procedures with some having over 15 years of experience.  Together we are able to handle all of your compliance testing needs. We offer Project management and are certified in multiple states.  Please feel free to contact us for a competitive bid on your compliance testing needs.


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What We Do

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Tank Testing

This testing is used to determine whether an underground storage tank and its piping system are leaking. 

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Line Leak Testing

This test will ensure your line system is in compliance with state and federal laws by testing the underground piping.

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ATG Certification

We ensure that your full system is working properly and that it will detect and alarm you in the event of an environmental issue.