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Stage I Vapor Recovery Testing

Required for
Facilities that dispense motor vehicle fuels which include gasoline and
gasoline/alcohol blends.

Gasoline tanks with a capacity of 250 gallons or greater

Underground storage tanks (USTs),

aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), and
mobile truck refuelers.

Public or private use

Stage II Vapor Balance Testing

A certified inspector shall inspect each vapor recovery system to confirm that
All the necessary equipment has been installed, The equipment is functioning properly, certify there is no defective equipment in use; inspector shall review the facility files to confirm that all testing required by EPA has been completed, the operator has performed daily inspections of the Stage II equipment, the records required by this chapter are complete and maintained onsite, and the certified inspector shall complete an inspection form provided by the Department and
submit the completed form to the Department within 30 days after completing the inspection.

Automatic Tank Gauge Certification

ATG’s require periodic testing, calibration and certification to insure accuracy and that you receive the maximum benefit from this device. A yearly functional certification is also required by many Federal, State and Local Regulatory Authorities. Should repairs be necessary, we can provide service while onsite to prevent the expense of an added trip

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DDS Environmental is one of the leading environmental testing companies in the nation.  We have multiple offices throughout the United States and we can handle all of your UST Compliance and Testing needs.

Douglas LaCount, the President and CEO has worked in the industry for 30 years.  He worked as Vice President for some of the largest companies in the industry before branching out and starting DDS Environmental, Inc.

Our technicians are certified in all testing equipment and procedures with some having over 15 years of experience.  Together we are able to handle all of your compliance testing needs. We offer Project management and are certified in multiple states.  Please feel free to contact us for a competitive bid on your compliance testing needs.